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Service & Support

neXus offers a complete service package including support and training on all its products such as printers, other machines, photo lightening systems and our visit management software.

Our technicians know everything there is to know about our products and their services. With extensive training at Fargo Inc in the US and other quality vendor programs, they will provide you with instantaneous service and the technical support needed to make sure your operation runs smoothly every day. Creating personalized services that meet user demands for greater safety, efficiency and convenience we offer location based service all over Sweden. And there's always the option to send us your equipment for maintenance and repair.

To keep your Fargo printer in top condition at all times, we recommend signing a PAS Card maintenance agreement. This means that we will provide guaranteed maintenance service on your printer at site to prevent eventual operating disturbances. How many service occasions that's necessary is based on the frequency of use of printer, but most common is two times a year. 

When signing a maintenance agreement with neXus you'll receive:

  • 24 months warranty when purchasing new printers (compared to 12 months without agreement)
  • 25% of all spare parts
  • 20% of technical support fee (refers to all services exceeding the maintenance agreement)
  • Free telephone support 
  • Prioritzed when making an error notification

Technical services:

  • Software service and support 
  • Telephone support
  • Installation
  • Operator training 
  • Help to manage and upload new/changed layout
  • Please contact our service manager for more information about different service agreements and pricing. 

Phone No: +46-8-685 45 60
E-mail: service.se@nexusgroup.com